The Winter Wedding

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Now that winter is around the corner, the winter wedding festivities have begun! This seasons latest wedding themes are inspired by rich colors such as peacock blue with a modern twist. No longer is the purely traditional aesthetic a desire for most brides. Todays modern bride wants to include the traditional elements of her South Asian heritage along with the her western aesthetics and identity. This brings together a colorful yet sophisticated ambiance for winter wedding this year. Here are some winter wedding theme tips:

  • Select a main color that is bold and rich such as peacock blue or magenta or winter white
  • Accent this with a pop of gold or silver, depending on your preference
  • Instead of roses, go for orchids or tulips for a modern and clean look
  • Create a sense of elegant luxury without overstatement by adding light chiffon or georgette drapes throughout the venue.  Sheer fabrics create a dramatic but light ambiance.
  • Use candles (electric) to create a holiday glow and glitter throughout the venue.  The shimmer of candles is both relaxing and creates a “candle light” dinner vibe.

Keep It Simple

Lets face it, we have more things to do than we can keep up with. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look good in the process. Mirage keeps things simple with formal wear that is elegant and practical. Gone are the days with excessive embroideries! Formal wear is now focused more on fabric and style instead of how ornate a piece is.  This allows for a more versatile wardrobe since you can always dress up an outfit with jewelry and accessories.  But you can’t remove embroidery when you’re not in the mood to be decked out like a Christmas tree.

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