Spring/Summer Hairstyles


Spring weather has finally arrived and after spring, summer quickly approaches, and with that comes a change of clothes and hairstyles that we just can’t get enough of. From big statement outfits to glamorous hairstyles, this spring there are a lot of variety from floral and pastel outfits combined with wispy hairstyles that will make you standout. This season’s hairstyles channel a flirty, loose, and wispy vibe; while adding floral accessories give it a more chic look. Check out some of the top head to toe styles that will take over this spring season.

1) The messy ponytail

You could  throw your hair up into a ponytail the night before, and then the next morning. You have a messy, bedhead, yet gorgeous, ponytail!


2) Braided hair!

Braids can be the main attraction, or just a little accessory in your hair! You can have one small braid, combine two braids to make one, or just make a really cool looking braid that will catch everyone’s attention.

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3) Crazy colored hair.

Dying your hair is so much fun! You could do a whole head dye, a gradient/ombre dye, or just do dip dye.

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 4) The Bob Haircut.
These hair styles are super cute.  You don’t have to worry about maintaining your long hair in the heat, but its just long enough to do tons of different styles like curls, waves, and braids.

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5) Half-up, Half-down.

 My personal favorite out of all of the half-up, half-down hair styles is the twisty braid on the top. They’re so cute but so simple to do. It is super practical and super easy to do. And, there’s a variety of styles to choose from.

 6) The hair accessories
As you can see, there are flowers, bandanas, bobby pins, and cool chains that you can put on to decorate your head full of hair. These small details can make your outfit stand out.
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