How It Works

1.  Book an appointment now

We offer a range of services for the bride, groom and wedding party at our beautiful in-store Bridal Lounge.  Scheduling a Wedding Stylist appointment online is easy! Click the button below, and let us know when you’re available to what you’d like help with.  A Stylist will then contact you, discuss your preferences and set an appointment date.

2.  We’ll be ready

Let us do the hard part before you even arrive. Your Stylist will hand-select dresses, accessories and more just for you, based on the preferences, budget and goals you discuss with us. We’ll be there the whole time to offer new suggestions and honest advice.

3.  The rest is up to you

Want to outfit everyone, from groomsmen to the mother of the bride? We can block out the whole afternoon. You want to customize your wedding dress?  Our Stylists are trained and ready to make your dream dress become a reality.  Either way, the budget is up to you too, and we’ll make sure to work within your needs and preferences.

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